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Singapore's First Robot Barista

Powered by Crown Digital, Ella is Singapore's first robot barista and serves artisanal coffee, tea, chocolate drinks and more! You can also order 24 hours a day via the Ella App

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Meet Ella, The Robot Barista

Watch Ella

brew your coffee

Personalized with your name, your very own pick up instructions, collection point and a friendly wave!

Meet Ella

Coffee beans exclusively sourced from artisan roasters in Rome

With premium Buscaglione coffee beans that are ground-to-order and freshly frothed milk, Ella has a wide variety of espresso-based beverages catered for even the most discerning coffee drinker. From lattes, flat whites, cappucinos double espressos to even tea lattes and babycinos, you will be pleasantly surprised at Ella's versatility!


Why Choose Ella App

Personalised Coffee

Easily customise your favourite drink to your liking. Just one time is enough.

Earn Reward Points

It's as easy as picking your order on time and you can get rewarded with points.

Ella Subscription

A subscription for all you coffee addicts. One-time payment for your daily coffee is all you need.

Top up E-Wallet

Enjoy 10% off food and drinks at Ella, Robot Barista when you pay with your Ella Wallet.

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Affordable Artisanal Coffee in 30s

The process is engaging, personalised, interactive, and right at your fingertips.

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Our Signature Menu

Premium Buscaglione Coffee

Everybody Loves Ella!

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