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Ella, The Robot Barista

Transforming the retail landscape 

Ella, can prepare 200 cups of coffee an hour, but she isn't exactly an employee of the month. She's an AI-powered robot barista, who can work four times faster than a human barista.

That's not all! Ella brews the perfect cuppa using Buscaglione coffee beans ground-to-order from Rome, Italy with fresh barista quality milk and milk alternatives.

​Ella also simplify your coffee experience with an automated ordering system powered by a proprietary mobile app complete with loyalty point system, subscription plans and e-wallet.


Last but not least, Ella is equipped with the state-of-the-art transparent OLED screen allowing users to watch the coffee in preparation and receive information and content at the same time curating a true interactive coffee experience!

Hop on an unparalleled coffee experience right away with the Ella App today!

Our Journey So Far

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